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Teach your kids to love and take care of their pets

Teach your kids to love and take care of their pets

When asked who the members of their family are, children always name their parents, siblings and pets. Pets are our best and most loyal friends. Their love is something completely unconditional and absolute. Most importantly, when having a pet you can always be sure that, once you get back from work or a long trip, there will always be someone waiting for you with the unparalleled enthusiasm.

That is exactly why we should teach our children to love their pets, as well as to recognize their love and return it the same way. According to numerous researches, developing a compassion for their pets is the basic factor in preventing kids’ cruelty to both other animals and people. Apart from learning how to appreciate their furry or feathered friends, children will also develop the sense of empathy, kindness and caring. Here are some most important and efficient tips on how to teach your children to take care of their pets.

Kitty Cat

Kitty Cat

Choose a pet properly

The first step towards teaching your kids to love animals is choosing the right pet. Unfortunately, our hasty way of life usually makes us forget that a pet is supposed to be a member of our family rather than a live, furry doll bought to amuse our children while we are away. Therefore, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

First, you need to talk to your child and determine what their desired pet is. Second, you need to take your spare space into consideration. No matter if it is a gold fish or a huge dog; you need to be sure that your pet is happy and comfortable enough.

Make your pet feel at home

Making your pet feel at home is supposed to be your paramount. Every pet owner needs to do everything in order to create a pleasant atmosphere for their pet. For example, you should provide your pet with a comfortable and cozy place to sleep, as well as to arrange the sleeping place according to both your taste and the pet’s needs.

Most people think that animals don’t need to have proper place to eat, which is wrong. That is why you should arrange a tiny dining room for your pet and teach it to eat there. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the pet’s plate is always supposed to be near its bed.

Pet is not a toy

What you should explain your kid first is that pets are not furry toys. They are live beings with needs and emotions and that is definitely something that has to be respected. Although they enjoy playing with kids and being petted all the time, animals don’t like to be squeezed or hit, which are the actions that could trigger their aggressive behavior.

Kids should also be explained that pets love eating on their own. Therefore, there should be no petting or playing around your dog, cat or even a bird while it is having its meal. Similarly to children’s overly aggressive behavior, disturbing a pet while eating should make it act in a really aggressive manner.

Kids and Pets

Kids and Pets

Proper diet

Today, one of the hottest topics is the influence of our diet on our behavior. When it comes to animals, it is pretty much the same. In order to make your pet satisfied, happy and most importantly, healthy, you need to pay special attention to what it eats.

According to numerous recent researches, certain ingredients improve cognitive functions, such as social interaction. In other words, the choice of proper food encourages the success of the bond between your child and pet.

The best way to ensure what food is the best for your dog is to consult your veterinarian, who will give you a science-proved dietary prescription, such as famous Hills diet. Such diets are completely balanced and provide your dog with all nutrients vital for its health. For instance, it is rich with Omega-3 fatty acids, L-carnitine, fruits and vegetables with dozens of vitamins, as well as antioxidants that are added to boost immune system and protect brain cells.

Groom your pet properly

Children should also be taught that they owe to their pets to return at least some of this love and devotion by taking care of them. Grooming your pet properly is one of the most significant aspects, which any owner should pay attention to. Still, regardless of how easy it may be, some people simply do not know where to start when the hygiene of their pet is in question.

Before you start grooming your pet, you should soothe it and play with it in order to make it remain calm. The first thing you don’t know is that pets’ eyes, especially when dogs are in question, need to be cleaned regularly in order to avoid infections. If you have a dog, you should also cut its nails, brush its teeth regularly, as well as clear its ears.

All in all, as it has been already said, teaching children to develop the sense of empathy and compassion for their furry friends is the vital starting point in making them good people. Respecting these life principles and acting in accordance with them, your child will later develop into a sympathetic, righteous and emotional person, who is fully able to understand and appreciate not only animals’, people’s needs and differences. These are just some basic tips that will help you teach them these never-changing and most humane values!

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